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Initiative Advisor

Nivesh Dugar

An environmental engineer by profession has been taking initiatives to improve the mobility of the people in the city since 2009 through a campaign “Kathmandu Cycle City-2020” and currently he is on the board of the cycle led NGO “Cycle City Network Nepal” in the capacity of Vice-President. He has prepared bicycle action plan, policies to be enacted  for different municipalities around nepal. For his effort to promote bicycling in Nepal he has been awarded the International Climate Protection Fellowship provided by the Foreign Federal Office of Germany.

Campaign Lead

Anu Shrestha

Anu is CCNN’s dedicated Secretary with over 8 years of educational expertise. She focuses on making education a key part of community development, both nationally and internationally. She is also committed to environmental sustainability, blending eco-friendly practices into CCNN’s mission. She wants to create a significant contribution, through her brainchild Sikaru Learning Expeditions that designs amazing outdoor learning experiences. As an experienced educator, she also leads teacher training programs, spreading knowledge within the community. With her diverse experience, she embodies the organization’s dedication to holistic community development and environmental consciousness.

Campaign Associate

Amrit Neupane

Amrit Neupane serves as a Program Officer at CCNN while pursuing his studies in Environmental Science. As a Campaign Associate, he is deeply committed to sustainability and urban mobility. Amrit plays a pivotal role in planning and executing campaigns for sustainable urban mobility at CCNN. With exceptional organizational skills, he coordinates teams, manages timelines, and analyzes campaign performance. His dedication to environmental advocacy and community engagement makes him a valuable asset to any campaign initiative. Beyond his professional role, Amrit promotes sustainability through biking and public transportation advocacy.

Tech Lead

Nishon Tandukar

Nishon Tandukar currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at NAXA, where he leads the entire team. In addition to his professional role, he is also a lecturer at Islington College. He is recognized for his dedication and commitment to the development of innovative technologies and project management. He has played a key role and led significant projects such as BIPAD, Zite, and GeoNadir, employing both technical and project management approaches. He has also served as the technical lead in the development of the Greenway platform. Nishon’s responsibilities include leading the team, developing solutions to challenges, and enhancing organizational processes. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2016 and is now advancing his specialization by pursuing a Master of Science in Geoinformatics at Kathmandu University.

Business Lead

Samip Sigdel

Experienced Research And Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. An aspiring entrepreneur and a practicing engineer in the field of Environmental data, technology, and services. Skilled in Environmental Impact Assessment, Public Speaking, various streams of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, and Research. Strong research professional with a Master’s degree focused in Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management from Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology with a keen interest in the Climate Change domain.

Quality Analyst

Elina Singh Thapa

Elina Singh Thapa is a dedicated Quality Analyst at NAXA, specializing in ensuring software reliability and performance. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology graduated in 2020, Elina has swiftly advanced from an intern to her current role i.e., Quality Assurance Analyst, demonstrating excellence commitment and dedication towards her responsibilities. Her work includes effective communication with development teams and clients, conducting comprehensive manual and automated tests, and delivering software demonstrations, all aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of software projects. Elina’s expertise is complemented by her involvement in different projects related to the development of digital applications to Local Disaster and Climate Resilience.

Business Associate

Sampada Shrestha

Sampada is an experienced Business Associate dedicated to making a positive impact in the corporate world. She excels in analyzing data, creating reports, and contributing to various business projects. With a strong understanding of business principles, a track record of successful projects, and a commitment to achieving corporate goals, Sampada is well-positioned to continue making meaningful contributions to the business sector.

Brand Manager

Kevin Maharjan

Meet Kevin Maharjan, a versatile professional with a focus on brand management, specializing in the realms of social media, digital marketing, and innovative graphic design. Armed with a profound comprehension of social media platforms, Kevin crafts tactical campaigns to captivate designated audiences and attain business goals. His proficiency extends into the realm of digital marketing, employing diverse channels and analytical tools to enhance visibility and foster conversions. Kevin’s artistic prowess manifests in his adeptness at creating visually striking graphics harmonizing with brand identities. Committed to ongoing education, he remains abreast of industry trends, embodying a dedication to professional growth and excellence.


Srijana Pandey

Srijana Pandey is a skilled finance officer who has successfully completed her BBA degree from Pokhara University. She is really good at analyzing finances and has a lot of knowledge about accounting. She is responsible for managing financial and accounting tasks in the organization. Apart from that, she also plays an important role in administrative work, like taking care of day-to-day operations, arranging travel and helping with buying things for the company. Srijana is excellent at communicating, working together with others, and organizing tasks which makes her a valuable member of the team. She ensures that everything runs smoothly in both finance and administrative areas which helps the organization to be successful overall.

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