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Greenway Nepal is a digital system consisting of a mobile and a web app that aids urban dwellers (its’ users) to curb their carbon footprint by switching to a green lifestyle. 

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“My Way, Greenway"

My way greenway is an initiative dedicated to kindle a sustained behavior change towards greener living among the urban dwellers of the cities of Nepal and beyond.

The initiative aims to create an enabling platform for individuals to take up greener habits and choices while uniting vision aligning campaigners to create a digital community that proudly voices “My Way ,Greenway”.The initiative has following four major components:




Greenway app enables people to access greener alternatives for transport, consumables and many more.

Cycling Habit

Start your green journey by taking up a cycling habit. Track your rides, calorie burn, join riders’ clubs and participate.

Consumer Habit

Find green producers and suppliers near you. Browse through the products and make your choice.

Green City Map

Use our map to find all that is necessary to live a greener life in your city. Products, services, amenities, utilities.

Greenway Nepal?

We understand leading or transitioning to lead a minimalistic, carbon neutral life is difficult in emerging cities like Kathmandu. 

We bring to you all the local and exclusive information of everything green in your city in the most organized and convenient platform. We enable you to become a “Conscious Consumer” and proudly voice “My Way, Greenway”.

✔ Reduce your carbon footprint

✔ Become a conscious consumer: Find what’s green near you

✔ Join clubs and events and win rewards

✔Become a part of the  green community

App Features

The Greenway app is your go-to tool to access green products, services and community.

Participate in events and find a cycle for yourself to go on the weekend ride. Join as a club, host events, monitor leaderboards, carbon footprint and calories. Use the map to find yourself green products and services. Take up the cycling habit and win rewards.

Sustainable Map

Find amenities such as cycle repair shops, cycle stands, medicine stores, water taps and green businesses.

User activity log

Users can create their “Green profile” whch outlines information about the them and their biking behavior.


Use the feature to ride freely or for a challenge while tracking the route and carbon footprints.

Green businesses

Users can browse through business profiles of green suppliers and find green products and services .

User Leaderboards

General leaderboards and club leaderboards allow users to participate in competitive events with their friends.

Greenway Rental

Users can browse through pricecs and specifications of bikes available for renting and make a booking.

Club Profile

Create your own cycling club and events and participate with their friends in weekly and monthly challenges


Users can earn ‘greenups’ or points for every kilometer they cycle whichcan be later redeemed for rewards.

How To Use The App

Follow the following steps in order to start using the app.

Step 1


Visit the Google Playstore and download "Greenway Nepal"

Step 2


Register and fill out the basic information

Step 3


Find green partners, events, and rentals

Step 4


Tap "ride" and record your ride to earn points with Green way

Greenway Impacts

100 +
Women empowerment
Distance Traveled (Kms)
Carbon Saved (Kgs)
45 +
Ground Presence

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