Greenway Sustainable Mela 2024

What is Greenway Sustainable Mela?

Greenway Sustainable Mela is the tangible manifestation of our digital initiative, ‘My Way Greenway’. Our online platform serves as a hub for environmentally-conscious businesses in Nepal, connecting them with opportunities to thrive and contribute to sustainability.

Through the Greenway Sustainable Mela, we bring this vision to life, showcasing a curated selection of eco-friendly enterprises, fostering collaboration, and promoting sustainable living practices.

What is the main idea to conduct Greenway Sustainable Mela?

The main idea of the Sustainable Mela revolves around promoting and celebrating sustainability in various aspects of life. This includes showcasing eco-friendly products and services, organizing interactive activities to educate and engage the public on environmental issues, and providing a platform for networking and collaboration among green businesses and organizations.

The Sustainable Mela aims to inspire and empower individuals and communities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and contribute towards a healthier planet.

Why events like Greenway Sustainable Mela?

Some of the major reasons for conducting events like like Greenway Sustainable Mela are:

  1. To discover eco-friendly products and learn about sustainable practices
  2. To support local Green Businesses
  3. To connect with like-minded individuals
  4. To get Inspired and contribute to a Greener Future

Who will be there during the Greenway Sustainable Mela 2024?

There are various Green and Ethical businesses that you’ll meet during Greenway Sustainable Mela like:

  1. Abir Designers
  2. Anshu’s Homemade
  3. Bacchako Pyaro
  4. Bhoomithan
  5. Bihani Social Venture
  6. Blind Baker (Green Pasture)
  7. Deego Nepal
  8. Firke Bhansa Ghar
  9. Juice Mandala
  10. Kaasya Jewellery
  11. Nhu Designs
  12. Numa Bakery
  13. Sambhawana Nepal
  14. Samsara Creation
  15. The Pasa

When and where is the Greenway Sustainable Mela 2024 happening?

The Greenway Sustainable Mela 2024 is happening on 16th March 2024 (Saturday). It is going to be held at St. Xavier’s Ground, Jawalakhel from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Some glimpse from the previous edition of sustainable mela

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